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WayForward gaurantees that your garments are securely packed and sent with your chosen shipping company but we do not maintain any responsibility once your packages are out of our premises.
Yes we do have catalogues and price lists for every clothing category.
It depends on where you live, and which shipping method you need to use. Air freight is faster than sea freight.
There is no way to know the answer to this question without first seeing how many boxes, dimensions and total weight you have to ship.
Your finished clothes are safely packaged in clear plastic sleeves, then packed into boxes and prepared for shipping.
We use clear plastic sleeves to individually pack garments.
If you notice any of your pieces have errors, you need to contact us within 7 days of receiving your shipment. The first thing you need to do is send us images or a video showing the errors in detail. From this, we can determine whether you require a repair or full replacement of the specific piece.
We conduct QC on a weekly basis during any project.
Yes. Test dyeing is generally conducted on 1 kg of fabric. For digital or screen print testing, our manufacturers usually test 1m of fabric. You can request to have these test fabrics sent to you for review, just let us know.
We accept Adobe Illustrator, PDF, JPG or PNG file formats.
For screen printing, the maximum number of colors is 8. For digital printing, its nearly unlimited.
We produce amazing print quality through screen printing, digital printing, hot press and more. Send us your graphic design files and we will recommend the best option for you.
Yes. We are able to naturally dye fabrics.
MOQ for dyeing vary depending on your choice of fabrics. The MOQ ranges from 30m to 1000m or higher.
MOQs for printing vary depending on your choice of fabric. The MOQ ranges from 30m to 1000m or higher.
After the confirmation of Sample payment. We required Just 3-5 working days.
Sample charges for 1 piece would be charged 100 USD which whould be include the Pattern Charges, Designing charges, Production Cost and Express delivery to worldwide.
Yes. Paper patterns can easily be replicated from and it can speedup the limit time it takes to produce your samples.
The costs to create patterns can vary but minimum $30.
Our MOQ is 50 pieces per style, per colour, per print and per size.
MOQ is the acronym for Minimum Order Quantity.
We usually provide quotes in US Dolllar but we can convert that into your own currency.
It will take less than an hour.
The only way to recieve a production quote is by sending us your required product's  details or sending us physical samples of garments you want to replicate.
To us, ethical verified manufacturing is the core tenent of our business. It means that we provide healthy and safe working environments for our workers, provide good living wages to our workers, help to reduce poverty and minimise their environmental impact.
All payments are 100% up-front. For mass productions, 70% up-front and 30% upon completion of your production but before shipping.
For all productions, we only accept bank-to-bank transfers. If the total payment is less than $500 USD, we may accept WESTERN UNION and MONEYGRAM.
We are always happy to arrange meetings for our clients with our production managers.
Yes we can design your clothing and print your design for you. We have design experts and graphic designers waiting for projects to work on.
There is no such thing. The words "cheap" and "quality" should never be used in the same sentence in the sportswear industry. Cheap can mean unethical, low quality, and bad business ethics. WayFoward only manufactures ethical and high quality garments consistently.

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